My life as a quiltmaker (for chronological order, read oldest post to newest)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

52. Baby quilts

I began this account of my working life with one baby quilt, and I'll end with two. Now there's progress for you!

Here are the two quilts I made for my two incredibly precious granddaughters, cousins born just four months apart. Now there's togetherness for you!

I carved linoleum blocks with flower and leaf motifs and used them with fabric paints to stamp the central design of the quilts. There is a stray flower on the "June" quilt, where I accidentally dropped one of the inked blocks. Now there's a mistake for you!

I 've told the stories I needed to tell of my quilting life from then to now. How do I wrap it all up? No need to summarize--enough said. Now, at long last, there's brevity for you!